Beta Reading

Why hire me? I earned a bachelor's degree in Education from Georgia State University. I have been writing books since 2018. I am an acquisitions editor at Romantica Publishing, a small press focusing on sweet romance.

What I offer...

I charge $0.004/per word for beta reading. 

What does this service provide? 

This is a combination of a content edit and a line edit. I am an expert at looking for repeated words and plot holes. I will also keep an eye out for typos or grammar inconsistencies. After hiring me, you would still need to hire someone else for a proofread. 

How you receive the feedback...

I will provide comments inside the document and also a letter summarizing key points that need to be fixed. I am also open to a review of my edits on the phone. 


Half of the payment will be due up front before I begin. After I finish the edit, the last half will be due via PayPal. 


Feel free to text or call me at 423-653-4583 or send me an email at